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About Us

International Charitable Foundation «International Music Bridge» is an independent international organization that implements charitable projects both in Ukraine and abroad, and supports European experience and international standards.

First of all, the mission of the foundation is to preserve, develop and increase the heritage of the intellectual culture of Ukraine, as well as to make it the legacy of world society.

ICF «International Music Bridge» encourages and supports music education and musical creativity for people of all ages and abilities.

The aim of the projects is to find ways to improve the cultural and social domains of the country, to address the needs of children at the national as well as global levels.

Today music and children are the most important international values, the purity and holiness of which can bring together all the people and give hope for a peaceful future regardless of political situations!

The Fund’s strategic direction is to help the musically gifted children to develop their talents, to organize their creative process in Ukraine and abroad. Also, one of the key developments is the preservation and development of cultural values and providing comprehensive charitable support. Our foundation helps young gifted musicians, dancers, artists by organizing master classes, concerts, exhibitions and competitions for them. The Foundation provides ongoing support to specialized music schools, as well as art schools in Ukraine. The Foundation supports many social programs related to education, science, art and culture. The Foundation provides support in the field of children’s health, helps orphans, disabled children, orphan homes and hospitals.

We can do what politicians cannot afford!